Ever wonder why some people glide through life and you don't?

Not everyone is happy with the 9am to 5pm job. What if you were offered a way around the every day? What if people would help you past interviews, help you get to 'the top'? What would you do to have money to spend on a lifestyle that 99% could never hope to live? Based on three real life unsolved murder mysteries and real IT crimes, this is the story of huge wealth, corruption, power and the need to stay alive.

A young but gifted computer programmer felt he'd be living on the bread line for ever more. He struggled to pay the bills at the end of each month and watched enviously as others lived out their lives in relative comfort. He struggled to find his way in the world until a distant uncle and his connections help him smash the glass ceiling and propel his career to heady heights.

Priviledge and wealth ensue but at what cost? What would you do to keep your enigmatic benefactor happy? Would you go the extra mile? Could you use your skills in computing to make your uncle's businesses better? Would you alter his competitior's computers to nudge down a retail empire? Would you use your networking knowledge to wander into people's phones or take a few details and add them into another company's software?

Would you kill for the ultimate lifestyle? Or to get ahead, do as others tell you and join a foundation that has a dark history of underhand success. A foundation spanning centuries of nefarious acts making poroperty and even people disappear? As long as you became wealthy, would you be fine with this?

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A Dishonest Code

Based on three currently unsolved murders and real computer crimes this is the story of a young man at an age in the dot.com boom where security was lax and IT skills made some rich overnight. Its the tale of one man's desperate survival, his transition into big business at huge personal and moral cost and his ultimate redemption.

Written by Wolf Rambo

A Dishonest Code is a book that Wolf has waited two years to create. It's been a project of love and discovery and Wolf would like thank his family and friends. The book draws heavily on real life industry, real scams, real places albeit disguised, and history going back two centuries.


'A Dishonest Code' is an adventure story and thriller which spans five countries and a decade in the life of an an average person with a gift for IT who finds tempation but inspired by real events.

A Dishonest Code

Could you live with signing away your life in return for a life of luxury?

“Don’t go to my humble beginnings. Be wary of my enormous vision. Remember; even governors were once children, presidents were once residents.” Ernest Hemingway, US author and journalist.

"I had a humble background. When I was at school everyone’s parents had a car less than two decades old. Not me. Many had something called satellite television and some even had more than one gaming console. Not me.
I didn’t have these things or indeed a lot of things. I was a not wealthy. I came from a humble inner city background. A background that taught me that when the money ran out that week so did the meal times. I watched enviously through an invisible glass window into the lives of my wealthier and consequently more financially liberated peers. I never invited anyone home. The thread bare carpets and absence of central heating was a source of shame that would flood round my school world - if I gave invitations for my friends to stay over for tea. My background however was my power in later life. I’d work hard to get what those kids got so easily. I was going to work hard and live somewhere better in the city. I had a burning desire not to spend my short time on this earth being poor..."

What gifts Would you want?

Computer Science At University was about learning how to solve problems. I got distracted..

"I began typing my card details into the bank’s website. In those days, using a credit card or bank card online was seen as financial suicide. Viruses were supposed to be lurking everywhere as were hackers who were ready to steal your precious card data. There were viruses in those days. Just not very good ones. I’d create a greater one but that’s for a later chapter.

I wondered as I typed in my bank card details, what would happen if I transferred some money but put a minus sign in front of the amount to be transferred from my current account to my credit card, what would happen?  For the first bank, the effect was nothing. I simply knocked ten pounds off my credit card bill. But a second bank card revealed some banking mystery. A minus sign credited my current account with money whilst other paying money off the credit card. As long as I didn’t choose to pay the minimum amount I could take money from the credit card and pay money into my current account but it would still appear that I was paying my credit card off! I’d found a flaw!"

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