A Dishonest Code

Travel and see the world in first class as part of your job? Drive expensive cars and slide easily into the top jobs? Would you not succumb to manipulation?

"The city was hot and with time on my hands before I was due aboard my Uncle’s yacht, I collected an ice cream and wandered carefree towards the sea front and the harbour. I’d learnt some Spanish in preparation for the visit but a good guide book from Berlitz let me easily trace my path through the narrow winding streets off Las Ramblas.

Eventually I came to the International Harbour. The International harbour was unmistakeable and sat on the edge of the city centre and Barcelona’s sandy coast line. The harbour was a maze of masts and floating 'gin palaces'. Each one a sea of rope, rigging and flags fluttering gently in the sea breeze.

I stood on the front of the amazing harbour. It was alive with sunshine, blue skys and bustling crowds. It felt great to be there. I felt more alive than even the first day with my gorgeous girlfriend at the Ibiza superclubs a month or so ago. I rang my Uncle and a female voice replied. He wasn’t personally there but his yacht had just arrived and was moored at jetty three, berth five. The code for the jetty’s large steel barred door was 5489.

I found the jetty eventually. They were numbered in order from one up to I think about thirty. I typed in the code on the jetty gate and the gate buzzed open. I walked down the rest of the wooden jetty. The boats I passed were impressive.My Uncle's latest yacht purchase would be equally impressive.."

Joining An Ancient Order with Friends in the Right Places?
What could possibly go wrong?

“People are chasing cash, not happiness. When you chase money you’re going to lose. You’re just going to. Even when you get the money you’re not going to be happy. Brin just works longer and longer hours," observed Brin’s girlfriend as she surveyed the well-heeled crowds.

I barely paid attention. I was thinking about Brin being called away by my uncle. I wanted to be called away to the important meeting. I wanted to be required.

“We can criticize them when we reach their level, meanwhile I admire them. They are in charge of their own future. I like that,” I eventually replied.

She looked at me, “If you follow your heart and do what you like you will always do much better. I admire a man who will take any job because he loves it. What price can your place on your short time on the world?”

I thought about it, here was naivety at its best. She sounded like Mila. An optimist and a philosopher. I nodded my agreement and eventually Mila saved me from any more attempts at noble and profound comments. I needed to be at the conference with my uncle. I made a quick drinks order for the girls and then set off to see my uncle.

The foundation would be bankrolling yet more yachts, Aston Martins and top jobs. I had made a lot of money quickly but the foundation's greed now had a powerful allure. I wanted to be involved. The materialistic nature I carried deep within me was becoming insatiable."